News Articles

  • 2015: Optometry Australia published an article about my inspiration for pursuing a career in research (Link)
  • 2016: ARVO MIT Outstanding Poster Awardee publicised in the following newsletters: Bosch Institute (Link), Save Sight Institute (Link)
  • 2017: AAO Student Travel Fellowship Awardee publicised in the Optometry Australia newsletter (Link)
  • 2017: Selected to be in the top ten newsworthy abstracts at the American Academy of Optometry conference in Chicago, summary published in Review of Optometry (Link)
  • 2017: Interview about my successfully crowdfunded research project on in the Optometry Australia newsletter (Link)
  • 2018: AAO Student Travel Fellowship Awardee to ARVO publicised in the Optometry Australia newsletter (Link)
  • 2018: Instagram Takeover of Sydney_Science for the University of Sydney on December 7, 2018
  • 2018: Webinar guest speaker for the ARVO SciComm Training Fellowship hosted by Matt Windsor with fellow SciComm alumni Annemijn Wierenga (Link)
  • 2018: American Academy of Optometry (AAO) Annual Report as Ezell Fellow Awardee (Link)
  • 2018: Featured on Instagram page of @TheAddictiveBrain here and explained how BCA assays are performed and used for western blot protein quantification here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by Jennifer van Alstyne from The Academic Designer on how I use social media (Twitter and Instagram) to share my scientific research journey here.
  • 2019: Featured by Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Gibco Cell Culture Hero and presented a webinar on the use of a rat lens epithelial explant system here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by Labstep on my three top tips for surviving a PhD here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by Labstep on my PhD journey and how to make the most out of your PhD here.
  • 2019: Blog post for “Dr on What” on “A Day in the life of” series here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by It Grl Empire and announced “It GRL of the Week” here.

Social Media Features

  • March 2019: TheAddictiveBrain featured my profile for their International Women’s Day collage on their Instagram.
  • April 2019: Stem For Fem featured my profile on their Instagram.
  • April 2019: Lucky Science Education featured my profile on their Instagram here and here.
  • April 2019: Lab.Hack featured my lab trick on reusing gloves on their Instagram.
  • June 2019: WomenThinkScience featured my profile on their Instagram.
  • July 2019: Biorender featured my scientific schematic diagrams on their Instagram.


  • Episode 1 – Interview with Dr. Sam Merlin, The Peer Review Podcast; April 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 2 – Who is a scientist: discussing the challenges facing women in science (Interview with Professor Athene Donald), The Peer Review Podcast; May 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 4 – Show me the money: a close look at the current research funding situation, The Peer Review Podcast; August 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 5 – Crowdfunding science: what you need to know to get your project funded by the public, The Peer Review Podcast; October 2017 (Link)


  • Real-time PCR Bioline product review at the Lens Research Laboratory (Link)
  • Crowdfunding a cure for cataract at the Lens Research Laboratory (Link)