News Articles

  • 2015: Optometry Australia published an article about my inspiration for pursuing a career in research (Link)
  • 2016: ARVO MIT Outstanding Poster Awardee publicised in the following newsletters: Bosch Institute (Link), Save Sight Institute (Link)
  • 2017: AAO Student Travel Fellowship Awardee publicised in the Optometry Australia newsletter (Link)
  • 2017: Selected to be in the top ten newsworthy abstracts at the American Academy of Optometry conference in Chicago, summary published in Review of Optometry (Link)
  • 2017: Interview about my successfully crowdfunded research project on in the Optometry Australia newsletter (Link)
  • 2018: AAO Student Travel Fellowship Awardee to ARVO publicised in the Optometry Australia newsletter (Link)
  • 2018: Instagram Takeover of Sydney_Science for the University of Sydney on December 7, 2018
  • 2018: Webinar guest speaker for the ARVO SciComm Training Fellowship hosted by Matt Windsor with fellow SciComm alumni Annemijn Wierenga (Link)
  • 2018: American Academy of Optometry (AAO) Annual Report as Ezell Fellow Awardee (Link)
  • 2018: Featured on Instagram page of @TheAddictiveBrain here and explained how BCA assays are performed and used for western blot protein quantification here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by Jennifer van Alstyne from The Academic Designer on how I use social media (Twitter and Instagram) to share my scientific research journey here.
  • 2019: Featured by Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Gibco Cell Culture Hero and presented a webinar on the use of a rat lens epithelial explant system here. View the webinar on YouTube.
  • 2019: Interviewed by Labstep on my three top tips for surviving a PhD here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by Labstep on my PhD journey and how to make the most out of your PhD here.
  • 2019: Blog post for “Dr on What” on “A Day in the life of” series here.
  • 2019: Interviewed by It Grl Empire and announced “It GRL of the Week” here.
  • 2019: SciComm Panel for Northeast Symposium on Biomedical Optics at MIT here. Moderated by Prasha Dutra from the podcast, Her STEM Story.
  • 2019: My TGF-beta signaling pathway is featured as a template available for users to edit on Biorender here.
  • 2019: Instagram takeover for Techgalogic here.
  • 2019: Featured on the Life in the Lab magazine by ThermoFisher Scientific in the “Let’s get cellular” article on Women in Science (here).
  • 2020: Interviewed by Prasha Dutra on the podcast Her Stem Story: Episode 92 An Optometrist and A Science Communicator.
  • 2020: Interviewed by ABMGood about being a science communicator here.
  • 2020: Interviewed about my science career by Lauren Callender from Science Scribbles here.
  • 2020: Live webinar, Gibco Cell Culture Heroes: Work From Home Edition Panelist here.
  • 2020: Featured as part of ASIP Women in Pathology here and on YouTube. Summary here.
  • 2020: Featured in the first 1000 women in STEM in the 1 Million Women in STEM campaign here, also shared by ASIP Pathways here.
  • 2020: Featured by Integra BioSciences on better qPCR pipetting technique using the VIAFLO electronic pipettes here.
  • 2020: Wrote blog post for ASIP Pathways on “How to make Social Media posts more accessible to the blind and visually impaired”
  • 2020: Wrote blog post for ASIP Pathways on “Doing less, being more”
  • 2020: Wrote blog post for ASIP Pathways on “What would happen if you read a paper a day for 2 years”
  • 2021: Featured in the Top 21 STEM Accounts to follow on Instagram by Katrina Wesencraft here.
  • 2021: Wrote blog post for ASIP Pathways Next Gen on “What to read if you’re a scientist”
  • 2021: Wrote blog post on why scientists should Tweet for BBSRC White Rose DTP Communications team. The BBSRC White Rose DTP is a partnership between three universities across Sheffield, Leeds and York, which funds students in the UK ( The Communications team ensures students are up to date with latest training opportunities, highlighting student achievements and provide a platform for science communication. Blog post here.
  • 2021: Featured in a blog post ““SciComm for Dummies”: A beginners guide to communicating scientifically” by communications ambassador Aditi Aiyer in the Australian Society for Microbiology blog here.
  • 2021: Featured on my alma mater UNSW Medicine’s alumni spotlight here.
  • 2021: Featured by ARVO in an interview on my new position as the MIT representative on the ARVO Board of Trustees here.
  • 2021: Wrote blog post for ASIP NextGen Blog on the PISA2021 meeting here.
  • 2022: Faces of FASEB feature here.
  • 2022: Contributing to GeniusLab article on the need for better lab coats here.
  • 2023: ASIP Member Spotlight here.
  • 2023: ARVO SciComm TF YouTube Feature here.
  • 2023: UNSW Faculty of Medicine and Health Alumni Spotlight here and Instagram feature here.

Social Media Features

  • March 2019: TheAddictiveBrain featured my profile for their International Women’s Day collage on their Instagram.
  • April 2019: Stem For Fem featured my profile on their Instagram.
  • April 2019: Lucky Science Education featured my profile on their Instagram here and here.
  • April 2019: Lab.Hack featured my lab trick on reusing gloves on their Instagram.
  • June 2019: WomenThinkScience featured my profile on their Instagram.
  • July 2019: Biorender featured my scientific schematic diagrams on their Instagram.
  • November 2019: She Can Do Both featured my profile on their Instagram.
  • March 2020: Scholars of Science featured my profile on their Instagram.
  • 2020: Featured in 1 Million Women in STEM on Twitter.
  • November 2020: Interview featured on Girl Genius Magazine here.
  • 2021: Featured on ARVO Setting your Sights showcasing a day in my life as a scientist here.
  • 2022: Girl Genius Magazine Instagram Takeover here on March 16th 2022.

Blog Posts

  1. “PISA2021 Recap – Oh What A Conference!” November 2021
  2. “What to read if you’re a scientist” February 2021
  3. “How to make Social Media posts more accessible for the blind or visually impaired” October 2020
  4. “Doing less, being more” August 2020


  • Episode 1 – Interview with Dr. Sam Merlin, The Peer Review Podcast; April 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 2 – Who is a scientist: discussing the challenges facing women in science (Interview with Professor Athene Donald), The Peer Review Podcast; May 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 4 – Show me the money: a close look at the current research funding situation, The Peer Review Podcast; August 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 5 – Crowdfunding science: what you need to know to get your project funded by the public, The Peer Review Podcast; October 2017 (Link)
  • Episode 18 – WazaMedia podcast. Branding – getting started on social media, 18th March 2021 (Link).
  • Episode 1 – Behind our Science – Meet the Team Co-host with Roberto Mota Alvidrez and Marina Anastasiou (Link).
  • Episode 7 – I Belong Here Podcast – Interview with Dr. Daisy Shu (Link).
  • Episode 2 – Behind our Science – Interview with Dr. Garcia (Link).
  • Episode 3 – Behind our Science – Celebrating Women in Pathology (Link).
  • Episode 4 – Behind our Science – Live recording, Mental health awareness (Link).
  • Episode 5 – Behind our Science – Day in the life of Dr. Monga, 7.3 Questions, Favourite thing in the lab (Link).
  • Episode 6 – Behind our Science – Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (Link).
  • Mini-episode – Behind our Science – Interview with Dr. Melanie Scott on her experiences at the FASEB Capitol Hill Day and the importance of science advocacy (Link).
  • Episode 7 – Behind our Science – Happy Holidays and Favourite Christmas Thing in the Lab (Link).
  • Invited on the Nothing is Rocket Science Podcast, hosted by Sandhya Shekar to discuss eye health and science communication, 31st December 2021 (Link).
  • Episode 8 – Behind our Science – Black History Month, People of Path podcast collaboration, 7.3 Questions with Tessa Fitch (Link).
  • Episode 9 – Behind our Science – Women in Pathology (Link)
  • Episode 10 – Behind our Science – Capitol Hill Day + Last Experimental Biology (Link)
  • Episode 11 – Behind our Science – Self ESTEAM + Art in Science (Link)
  • Episode 12 – Behind our Science – Fluorescent Friday Live episode (Link)
  • Episode 13 – Behind our Science – Rewind and recap, ASIP Leadership Academy, SACNAS and what we’re grateful for (Link)


  • Real-time PCR Bioline product review at the Lens Research Laboratory (Link)
  • Crowdfunding a cure for cataract at the Lens Research Laboratory (Link)
  • Explained talking about the cornea and eye diseases affecting the cornea on the YouTube channel Scientifically here.
  • ARVO Vlog – Day in the life of a scientist (Link)

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