Tips on Poster Presentations


Daisy Poster Sydney COMBIO

Colours to use:

Template from Biorender:

Here are some sites to find free or low-cost stock images

  1. Creative Commons
  2. Unsplash
  3. Pexels
  4. Pixabay

Make scientific schematics using Biorender. Tips from Biorender webinars on colour usage:

  1. Pick opposite colours on the colour wheel e.g. yellow and purple; orange and blue to make certain objects pop Try to avoid green and red for colour vision deficiencies
  2. Colour of text should match the colour of the object in text
  3. Gray scale to check if there’s enough contrast
  4. Warmer colours e.g. red for bad guys and cooler colours e.g. blue for good guys
  5. Use gridlines, to ensure enough negative space

Great science icons with Innovative Genomics Institute to download for free.

Some cool tools for an online collaborative whiteboard with colourful stickynotes

  1. Whimsical
  2. Miro
  3. LucidSpark

Note taking apps:

  1. Notion

Fun Zoom tips/games:

  1. Yes/no backgrounds

Making nice designs:

  1. Figma
  2. ChemDraw
  3. Lucidchart
  4. Inkscape

Tips on effective presentations:

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