Tips on starting your own lab

Jotting down some great links from a workshop on starting your own lab!

HMS faculty handbook:

New PI slack:

Lab compacts (example of setting lab expectations):

Practical guide to scientific management for postdocs and PIs :

Book to read:

At the Helm: Leading Your Laboratory, Second Edition

Subject Area(s):Career DevelopmentHandbooksLaboratory Techniques

By Kathy Barker, Seattle, Washington

Career development tips:

  1. Deal with rejection graciously
  2. Climb from where you fall
  3. Don’t worry if you paper gets rejected and don’t worry if your paper doesn’t get in a particular journal, if your work is significant enough, it will shine no matter where it is.
  4. Three key elements for academic career success: publications, grants and a supportive network who will advocate for you
  5. Use Pubmed to get alerts on latest papers published on your keywords. Keep up to date with literature via Twitter
  6. Get many people to read over your proposal. Start your first draft as early as possible
  7. Take baby steps towards your goal
  8. Respond to emails asap

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